Many heartfelt thanks for your help, guidance and positivity. I feel awakened and I am truly grateful for the powerful insights I have had. (Hypnotherapy Client – MC)

Anyone considering the HypnoBand for weight loss or control who is a little apprehensive. My advice would be to give it a go, as after struggling to lose weight without success, after hypnotherapy I have now lost in excess of one and a half stone in just over 7 weeks. Thank you so much (HypnoBand Client -BL)

When you first meet Maggie your apprehensions melt away, she instantly puts you at ease ensuring you feel comfortable. Following my first visit my attitude towards food changed immediately with what felt like no effort from me. It felt natural and I was amazed to have lost a stone in the first couple of weeks. It freed me from the thinking process that chained me to food. It released me naturally into unconsciously having a totally different attitude to food (HypnoBand Client JS)

Early in my pregnancy, I was very anxious about giving birth and was convinced that I needed an epidural and any other pain relief available. Everyone I talked to seemed to be telling me about their ‘horrible birth’. The idea of following a technique to lose fear and allow a natural birth, which is what the female body is destined to do naturally, had never really occurred to me before this time. I never ever thought that I would be strong enough to give birth naturally, without any pain medication. My husband ran into Maggie when I was about 31 weeks pregnant and brought me home her number. I gave her a ring for an initial chat over the phone and soon after Alex and I agreed to go ahead and try the hypnobirthing. From the very first meeting I felt more relaxed and even excited about giving birth.

We asked Maggie if she would attend the birth, and she happily agreed. She was such a wonderful support for Alex and I during the birth. My waters broke around 6am on the Saturday morning, and within 15 minutes the surges (contractions) had started. We called the hospital to let them know, and requested a birthing pool if they had one available. They asked us to make our way into the hospital in the next few hours. I was able to eat breakfast, take a shower, and even do my hair! We got to the birthing centre around 8:30am and Maggie arrived soon after. By 9am they checked to see how far dilated I was, (the midwives not believing I could be more than a couple centimetres…) and they were shocked to find that I was already 6 centimetres. By 10am I was ready to get into the birthing pool, having been totally relaxed and able to even talk and laugh between the surges. I didn’t lie down once during the whole process, instead using the birthing ball and relying on my husband for support. Once I got into the birthing pool, I was able to relax more as the surges became stronger and I could feel the baby moving down.

At 11:39am I gave birth to a stunning baby girl. I was able to pick her up out of the water myself and put her immediately on my chest. She didn’t cry at all, just breathed calmly right away while looking up at me. From the time my waters broke, to the time I had my little girl it was a mere 6 hours. Such a short time, especially for a first birth. The midwife couldn’t believe it, and even said to my husband that in 20 years she had never seen anything like it. Both the midwives couldn’t believe how calm and relaxed I was the whole time. By the end of they day all the other midwives on duty had heard about us and couldn’t stop talking about it.

The whole experience helped me realise and believe that you should trust yourself and your body and allow it to do what it is naturally meant to do. I had the calm, relaxed birth I always wanted but never believed was possible. (Hypnobirthing client -Elena’s birth story)

When I discovered I was I was pregnant I was surprised and scared. Even at 30 I didn’t feel ready to be a parent but what worried me more was the thought of labour.

As soon as you tell other people that you’re pregnant, they all have 3 things to offer; congratulations, advice or horror stories of bad labour. Why they think you want to hear these stories I will never know.

With all these fears under my belt, I went to visit the doctor and the midwife came to visit me shortly after. She said that there are ways to help prepare for birth and labour and mentioned Hypnobirthing. Although I was sceptical I thought it was worth a shot. I was in a state of shock and fear and knew I needed something to keep me calm to help give my body and baby the best chance at a good pregnancy and birth.

Maggie was recommended to me by my partner’s mother. My partner, Nick and I set up an initial meeting where we talked about what we wanted from the sessions and went through breathing exercises to help relaxation. Despite the odd fit of giggles we left feeling relaxed and a step closer to feeling more confident about the birth. We also left with homework! A CD to listen to and notes on how to practise the breathing technique Maggie had demonstrated. I found the homework helped me to relax further and listened to the CD after a hard day at work to unwind.

We attended further sessions where we talked more about what to expect and how to cope with the labour surges by staying calm and positive. We also went through birth breathing where you let your body take over and do the hard work in its natural state rather than exert yourself with masses of pushing. As the process went on and the date came closer, I started to feel more confident about giving birth as well as becoming a parent. The sessions and the homework we were given helped me prepare by knowing what to expect and being able to relax. With Maggie’s help we put together a comprehensive birthing plan to take the hospital so we were really prepared. We looked forward to every session and always left feeling uplifted, relaxed and secure that we would have a beautiful birth. We were even showed a video clip of a water birth, something we had feared watching! However, it changed my perception completely as the birth we saw was completely calm with no screaming or straining that you may see in an episode of Eastenders. I decided I would request a water birth at the hospital.

Unfortunately, I had a few complications at the end of my pregnancy and so my midwife had to send me to hospital. Again, the fear factor kicked in but I took time to go over the breathing techniques I had learned which helped me to remain relaxed and keep the baby in my tummy happy and safe.

After a few tests the hospital decided to induce me as I had symptoms of pre-eclampsia, ruining my dreams of a water birth which I had set my heart on. However, I managed to remain positive and knew that if I practiced my breathing that I would be ok and that remaining relaxed would be the best for both me and baby. I managed 4 hours of controlled breathing through the surges before I had to opt for any pain relief.

As there were some complications with the baby during labour, I was told that it would be an assisted birth. The thought of forceps filled me with dread, not just for me but for the baby, so I continued breathing and focused on delivering my baby naturally. To the midwife’s surprise, shortly after out emerged Jake with no assisted delivery and no c-section, just a healthy, happy baby boy.

Although the birthing experience wasn’t quite the relaxed water birth I had planned, the Hypnobirthing had helped me with the build up. It enabled me to realise that I could give birth and that staying relaxed would be best for both me and my baby.

I now have a very happy baby and people comment all the time on how contented he is. He has started to sleep through the night now at just 9 weeks old. If I do have a bad day I just take time to do some of the relaxation techniques and I even think that Jake picks up on my calm vibe too. Maggie was there to support and encourage us throughout the entire process. (Hypnobirthing client – Jake’s birth story)





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